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The best way to decide about moving to or investing in a new destination is to visit and get a strong picture of all aspects of the region.

As the centre of an expansive and wealthy pastoral industry for over 160 years, Greater Hamilton has become a thriving and diverse region of towns including Hamilton, Balmoral, Branxholme, Byaduk, Cavendish, Coleraine, Dunkeld, Glenthompson, Penshurst and Tarrington.

The Greater Hamilton region is rich with lifestyle opportunities and facilities. It offers a secure, rural setting, an enviable climate and excellent health and community services. Whether you choose country acres, a period home or a modern townhouse, realistic real estate prices mean you can genuinely afford to enjoy your choice of lifestyle.

Outstanding sporting, recreational and leisure services make for a spirited, energetic population endowed with an exceptional natural environment. It won’t take long to settle in – our active business associations and community will help you develop new contacts, support networks and social opportunities.

With all of this on offer, a better lifestyle is waiting for you – just a few hours away!

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The top 6 reasons to choose Greater Hamilton



Live in an enriched and vibrant community where majestic mountains and stunning beaches are just an hour away.


Affordable housing

A wide range of housing options are available, and you will find that your dollar will go much further.


Employment opportunities

This is the land of opportunity with a variety of careers, potential to start your own business and demand for skilled expertise.



It won’t take long to settle in! You’ll be welcomed by sports clubs, social groups and other community associations.


Schools and education

Small class sizes, a broad curriculum and beautiful grounds can be found in 17 primary schools and five secondary schools.



With NBN and mobile services that are equal, if not better, than metro areas, you can telecommute or work remotely.

Visit these great attractions

Your itinerary

  • 1
    Botanic Gardens

    (French and Thompson Streets)

  • 2
    Lake Hamilton

    (East of city centre)

  • 3
    Visitor Information Centre

    Open 7 days, 9am-5pm

  • 4
    Hamilton Gallery

    A local treasure for over 50 years
    Open 7 days a week

Job opportunities

James Family Potrait

Greater Hamilton provides a perfect place for work-life balance. We have a low unemployment rate and employers are always after skilled employees. 

We have a large agricultural industry which is supported by a multifaceted and diverse economy of other industries. Employment in Health Care, Retail, Education & Training, Construction, Public Administration & Safety, Manufacturing and Transport provide job opportunities for relocates. The emerging digital economy will also demand new skills and job opportunities to support these sectors.

Visit or the Hamilton Spectator for current listings.

Jobs in Forestry and Mining
Jobs in Forestry
and Mining
Jobs in Helath Services
Jobs in
Health Services
Jobs in Manufacturing
Jobs in

Life Changes

The James Family
James Family Potrait

Former Melbourne detective Mark James applied for a job transfer to Hamilton and arrived with his wife Erica and three children.

“When you look at the facilities in Hamilton– especially for schooling – it’s pretty hard to go past it. There aren’t many regional centres in Victoria that would have the educational opportunities that Hamilton has,” Mark said.

The family discovered that cost of housing is substantially cheaper than Melbourne and were able to buy exactly what they wanted close to town.

“Hamilton has just got a nice feel from the minute you drive into town; it’s clean and it has very well maintained streetscapes, parks and gardens. There are great medical facilities and lots of sporting opportunities for the kids, and everything is only five minutes away. We also love the location – you’ve got that rural lifestyle but it’s within an hour of the coast. It’s great for people who enjoy an outdoors lifestyle and that's what really sold us." Mark said.

Making the move in 5 steps



The best decisions are well-informed ones. Visit the friendly Hamilton and Grampians Visitor Information Centre in Lonsdale Street, Hamilton to learn more about housing, schools and career industries.


Visit us

A visit is the perfect introduction to your new lifestyle. It is a fun and entertaining way to get to know the locals, witness first-hand the magical scenery, try the quality local produce and experience walking around the towns.


Rent before you buy

Need time to find your dream home? Try renting instead of investing in a house immediately. It gives you time to figure out which area you prefer, the kind of house you’d like and which neighbourhood or town is best.


Engage with the community

The Greater Hamilton region is known for its close-knit and inviting community. Join the local sporting clubs, gyms, social groups and follow the local cafés, art gallery and library on social media to have your finger on the pulse.


Take your time

Take the time to build up connections and networks. Ensure there is time set aside to plan the move. Instead of living between your old home and the Greater Hamilton region, focus on enjoying the area at weekends – which should be easy!

Recreation and Leisure

There are over 130 local sporting and recreational clubs in and around the Greater Hamilton region with more than 230 events run throughout the region annually. 

Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre is a year-round sporting hub. Facilities include an eight-lane heated indoor 25 metre pool, children’s pool, fully equipped gymnasium, four basketball courts, multi-use table tennis area, squash and racquetball, meeting space, crèche and cafe. 

Indoor family entertainment includes the modern Hamilton Cinema located within the Hamilton Performing Arts Centre precinct.

The adjoining Hamilton Regional Library, with access to high quality information technology, provides internet services alongside traditional print, audio and video products.

A message from the Greater Hamilton Community

We welcome your interest in relocating to the Greater Hamilton region.

Our region offers so many possibilities to strike a better work life balance. It’s the perfect place to find a more relaxed, richer, quality of life, and invest, in a better future. If standing in queues and peak hour traffic isn’t your thing – remember there’s a greater life to be lived here in Greater Hamilton. 

Considering a relocation to Greater Hamilton is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover a whole new way of living that allows for more time with family and friends, unique job opportunities, affordable housing and a healthier outdoor lifestyle – whilst remaining well-connected through the NBN and excellent mobile services. 

If you’ve got any questions while you’re either visiting or anticipate settling here, feel free to strike up a conversation with a friendly local. They’ll undoubtedly inspire you to consider making the Greater Hamilton region your home.

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